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Get to know our new partner, Cast DDoS.

What is CastDDoS?

Cast DDos is done automatically by your own DDoS testing platform. In the basic use of the web portal, you can easily choose the type of attack, the amount of bots to use, the attack time, the scedule attack. The platform simulates real DDoS attacks against organizations through real attack parameters.

This allows organizations to test the limits and efficiency of DDoS prevention systems before a real DDoS attack. Using our platform, you will be able to receive detailed reports, stop in an emergency, get real-time assistance if needed, be informed before and navigate during the attack, save your attack for later use, and be aware of new types of attacks and use them easily.


What is DDoS Attack Test?

Every infrastructure has weak points:

DDoS testing subjects a web property or infrastructure to a realistic number of real DDoS attacks to prove that your DDoS defenses can mitigate them as you would expect.

DDoS testing is the only way to test your website or infrastructure against an ever-evolving Internet threat landscape. This is accomplished by pushing the envelope of what you think your Internet assets and properties should be able to survive with little or no impact on the performance of your network or website. Given that sophisticated attacks can render a website or entire network infrastructure unusable, this is easier to test than to do. Hasckers don’t just dump traffic to a website and hope they can cause problems, they scout your system and setup to find its weak spots.


Why use the dump attack testing platform?

  • Experience
    At CastDDoS, we know what a sophisticated attack is and we test everything in our anti DDoS environment. We stock our attack database with the latest attacks, volumetric and some very complex ones.
  • Attack Variety
    Wide variety of Attacks in stock, each with multiple attack combination options; bandwidth, time and geolocation – dynamic selection of bot count.
  • Stress Test
    The platform can be used to stress test any part of a website or Network component.
  • Do it yourself
    Access anytime, choose or plan attack, be informed before, during and after; if you need an engineer to help you run the tests or a combination of both.
  • Continuity Test
    Save previous tests and use it to test the platform whenever you want, especially important after a website code change or network change.
  • Scale, Density and Geographical Region
    All attacks have these parameters that allow you to speed up or down at your own pace and save a specific special test attack for reuse at a later date.
  • Victim Response
    View in real time how your IP or website reacts to a particular attack… Some attacks force the victim/target to respond with 20x more bandwidth than it receives, causing you to DDoS your own upstream provider.
  • Performance Monitoring
    View multiple metrics using our global performance monitoring service, some attacks can have a huge impact on your website performance. This is also used in legitimate stress tests.
  • Emergency Stop
    Emergency stop capability in case of emergency.
  • Reporting
    All hack test results can be viewed in real time and archived for download or viewing at any time via our customer portal.
  • Sophisticated Attacks
    VOIP attacks and VPN connection performance attacks.

Examine the services of Cast DDoS with the assurance of NETSYS to increase the network security of your corporate company and to be always prepared against DDoS attacks.


Information and service catalogs of Cast DDoS:

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